Accessories for working at the spinning top

Working at the router requires a lot of accessories that must always be at hand.

All the essential accessories for wood router

Already if you have a router, always make sure that it has all the basic safety: a housing with a bar guide, a tree with all its rings, hat and screw at the end of the shaft to tighten the tools.

Then, to have fun is to have at hand: grasshoppers, a ruler, a caliper, etc.

If you decide to work on the tree, that is to say, perform fretwork or copying, get the tree work guide, ball guide rings or multi-curved template is almost essential.

And as a wood router can also work as a router, remember that the chuck carbide router bit exists, is inserted at the end of the shaft and allows a small molding quickly.

The work at the spinning - Probois machinoutils

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Quick horizontal toggle clamp

20.83 € Tax included

The Quick horizontal toggle clamp makes it possible to safely hold the pieces of wood to be machined

Guide safety in the slat for spinner length 700 mm

382.50 € Tax included

Security Guide a length of 700 mm aluminum adapted to the model of a spinning top or average combined model. (also available in length of 600 for smaller models and 1000 mm for the larger rotors).

M16 router shaft clamping screw

3.33 € Tax included

Tightening screw length 55 mm of the router shaft in M16 Holzmann FS160L, Jean l'ébéniste MX5108 and Bernardo T500PF