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Parts for old machines Kity

The Kity brand is very popular for years in the field of DIY and carpentry.

Find here all the spare parts for your old Kity machine!

Your machine is about 50, 40, 30 years old? Kity still offers some pieces! Not everything of course, the stock runs out over time but we can still allow you to maintain and repair your Kity woodworking machine such as the Kity K5 handset, the Kity bestcombi 5023 handset, the Kity Direct Drive or CK26 but also individual machines such as Kity 635 Planer, Kity 636 Planer, Kity 626 Topper and Kity 627 Topper, Kity 616 and Kity 617 Circular Saw, Kity 652 Mortiser, Kity 612 Band Saw and many more!

Your Kity woodworking machine is 20, 15 or 10 years old like the Kity 619 circular saw, the Kity 609 and Kity 609TI router-saw, the Kity 638 planer and Kity 639 and many more, we still offer some parts from spare also for these machines.

Parts for old machine Kity - Probois machinoutils

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