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The pneumatic compressor is ideal for inflating, swimming, pressure control, tire or sanding.

2 types of compressors according to your needs

The portable compressor: Light and compact, it will allow you to help you with your occasional tasks.

The home compressor: ideal for controlling and inflating tires, use a high pressure paint gun, nailers, staplers, control pressure. The size of the size is variable according to the models.

Compressor accessories

A good compressor comes with accessories. Among these accessories for compressor, one can find pneumatic tools, air gun, rubber hoses or then inflatable gun.

Some criteria to take into account for the choice of compressor sound

To choose a compressor, it is important to take into account the volume of the output, indeed, plus a large output and more continuous motor trip is avoided. The engine continuously a noise nuisance and premature aging of the compressor.

It is also necessary to take into account the air flow (l / min) and the pressure (bars). These criteria are to take into account the tools to use.

Remember that the power is relative to the bit rate and volume of the license, so this is not an important feature.

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