The pneumatic compressor is the ideal tool for inflation, pressure control, body sandblasting.

Different types of compressors

The portable compressor: Light and compact, it will allow you to help you in your occasional tasks (inflate a balloon, check the tires of cars, use a paint gun), it is often delivered with several tips.

The domestic compressor: ideal for controlling and inflating tires, using a high-pressure paint gun, nailers, staplers, pressure and vessel size are variable depending on the models.

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Portable compressor Scheppach AIR FORCE
  • -€20.00
Portable compressor Scheppach AIR FORCE
63.33 € Regular price €83.83 Price
24 litres Zipper ZI-COM24 air compressor
99.17 € Price
50 litres ZIPPER ZI-COM50 air compressor
165.83 € Price
Air compressor 50 L Zipper ZI-COM50-2V5
290.83 € Price
Compressor 2 cylinder Scheppach HC53DC - 2200W
  • -€20.00
Compressor 2 cylinder Scheppach HC53DC - 2200W
229.17 € Regular price €249.67 Price
100 litres Zipper ZI-COM100-2V air compressor
365.83 € Price
Compressor inflator cordless Zipper ZI-LPE18-AKKU
45.83 € Price
Compresseur portatif SCHEPPACH AIR CASE avec kit d'accessoires
99.99 € Price
Compresseur vertical 50 L Scheppach HC51V - 1500W
133.32 € Price