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Finishing products & maintenance

In carpentry, cabinet-making or restoration, several stages are necessary in the realization and the creation of a piece of furniture, a kitchen or any other creation.

Essential products for woodworking!

We only offer professional range products and brand Blanchon (the buyers of the famous brand Briançon).

First of all, wood glue is one of these essential elements: normal glue, fast glue, glue for floating floors or exterior glue, these are white or tinted vinyl glues for the assembly of all interior woods, plywoods , agglomerates and veneer laminates, etc ...

Putty is a second essential finishing product! Putty for white chipboard edge, ready-to-use tube-type wood putty or two-component wood-powder sealant, several different colors are available to match all types of wood.

Then comes the wax for the finishing touch to your creation! Carbamex paste wax is based on carnauba vegetable wax! This is the patina used by antique dealers because it is intended for the restoration and maintenance of furniture, woodwork and floors, plywood and chipboard.

And finally, steel wool n ° 000 for polishing and polishing and steel wool n ° 2 for scrubbing and stripping will be of great help.

But also products for the maintenance of your machine tools!

Wood glide paste is the best sliding friction product for woodworking or lubricant spray that significantly improves the sliding of wood on the tables of woodworking machines in steel, cast iron or aluminum! And because your machine also needs to be cleaned regularly, think of the spray that will allow you to maintain it!

Products finishing Briançon and maintenance of tables

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