Tools bore 30 mm

Combined wood chucks and routers are very largely manufactured with a 30 mm router shaft. Small or large, these machines experience differences in the depth and diameter of their wells and the height of their trees.

All router tools for 30 mm shaft are therefore very varied!

That's why router tool manufacturers develop the same tool in different cutting diameters and cutting heights: so for every router, it's important to choose the right tool holder or the right solder.

The work at the router is also, various essential accessories such as the sanding cylinder, the working guide to the shaft, the bar guide or simply millimetric rings, adjustment or guide ball. The list is long as the job at the router is rich, the simplest is to discover these tools and accessories here at Probois Machinoutils!

Tools are essential in carpentry, the multifunction tool holder for example is one of them, it allows to work the wood offering dozens of different moldings through profiled irons height 40 and 50 mm. Then come the toolholders to crease, leaf, tenon, calibrate, bouveter, flower bed, etc ...

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Door tools flat-band Ø160 mm - Working below

158.33 € Tax included

Tool-holder, alloy-bodied to achieve flat-bands.
The diameter is adapted to the machines with the passage of the housing is equal to or greater than 160 mm.

Editions "Bouvet" : Make your first piece of furniture

11.36 € Tax included

Techniques, joints and finishes : you will be proud to implement the advice given here and to achieve a confiturier. Even better, this guide provides you with many possible variants to customize your first piece of furniture... before you launch into the next !

Not available

Set of DADO blades Ø200 mm

99.99 € Tax included

Set of 7 carbide blades for making grooves on a circular saw or on a router.