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The generator is the ideal tool to produce electricity in case of problems or on site!

Two major types of generators available

Small transportable gensets:

Light and compact, you can take them everywhere with you, perfect for camping, you can charge your devices (tablets, computers, phones), and operate your household items (coffee makers for example). They are usually soundproofed and equipped with a 4-stroke engine. These generators have a power of up to 2000 W. Inverter technology is preferred to not damage electronic devices.

Large generators:

Heavier machines and less maneuverable, this kind of generator is ideal for construction sites or in case of power cut at home. The ideal is to choose a generator with gasoline engine, power of about 3000 W.

How to choose your generator

There are some important criteria to choose your generator:

The sound level of the generator

Some generators (not to mention soundproof generators) are said to be silent. They allow you to have a comfortable use. The sound level is expressed in decibel (dB) and generally varies between 60 and 90 dB.

The consumption of the generator

We must also look at the consumption and capacity of the generator. Indeed, it will allow you not to refuel too often. The generator can have a range of 4 to more than 12 hours.

The safety of the generator

Some generators are equipped with an oil temperature control device that stops the unit in case of overheating. Other groups are equipped with a thermal circuit breaker system to stop the power supply delivered in case of problems on the network. This important point should not be neglected, both for the preservation of the generator and for the users.

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Power generator Scheppach SG3500 Power generator Scheppach SG3500
  • -€200.00

Power generator Scheppach SG3500

545.83 € Tax included €748.33 -€200.00

Everything you need in a classic portable generator including it being powered by Honda. Adapted to your needs the new Scheppach SG3500 is the ideal solution for all independant electricity requirements. Reliability in one compact generator.

Generator Scheppach SG7100 Generator Scheppach SG7100
  • -€120.00

Generator Scheppach SG7100

792.50 € Tax included €915.00 -€120.00

Scheppach SG7100 generator set equipped with a 420 cm3 4-stroke engine providing 5500 W at maximum power.