Log bandsaws

The log bandsaw is a machine used to saw felled logs to length. Unlike machines such as chainsaws and saws, which are used to cut down and then cut wood, the log saw allows you to cut wood in the direction of its lineage.

The log bandsaw, an electric or thermal machine ideal for sawing a log lengthwise!

This saw will therefore allow you to obtain shingles, cleats, beams and boards. This high-end machine will make your work easier and allow you to work more regularly and less physically. Find here essentially robust machines from the Holzmann brand such as the BBS350 and BBS550SMART electric models or the BBS550SMART-G thermal model for example! Here you will also find the extensions for these log saws.

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Log saw Holzmann BBS550SMART

2,995.83 € Tax included

The Holzmann BBS550SMART log saw is designed exclusively for cutting soft, hard, dry, rough wood with a diameter of up to 550 mm.

Not available

Log saw Holzmann BBS350 - 400V

2,079.17 € Tax included

The Holzmann BBS350 log saw is ideal for cutting soft, hard, dry wood prisms or wood with a length corresponding to the machine design.