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Sanding accessory

If your lapidary sander only allows you to mount self-adhesive abrasive discs, we have the solution!

These Velcro system supports will allow you to change discs.

By sticking this sticker on your lapidary, you will be able to hang the Velcro system discs that are found more easily on the market than the stickers!

Also think about abrasive cleaning gum!

For use on machines in operation: belt sanders or disc sanders (orbitals, lapidaries). It makes it possible to increase the life of the discs and the abrasive bands by unclogging them: it is enough to keep the rubber against the abrasive in rotation, the cleaning is then immediate.

Effective against dust, traces of glue, resin, etc.

Sanding accessory - Probois machinoutils

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