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Shears for metal

Shears are ideal machines for cutting metal.

Find here a large selection of metal cutting shears!

Our range of manual shears, small portable machines that can be used on site or our heavier metal shears for fixed use in a workshop, will meet the needs of all. The thicknesses of work pieces vary depending on the size and capabilities of the machine.

The guillotine shears are perfectly adapted to the needs of the zinc plating, sheet metal, metal joinery and maintenance services and shears, rollers and metal bending machines are 3 in 1 machines for the individual or the professional.

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Metal shear Holzmann AT200

199.00 €

Shear Holzmann AT200 for the cutting of the sheet of 200 mm in width and 1 mm thickness, ideal for the construction site or in the workshop.

Manual metal shear Bernardo HS300

299.00 €

The Bernardo HS300 manual shears can cut a wide variety of materials such as sheet steel, brass, aluminum, copper ...

Holzmann HS200 manual metal shear
  • -€30.00

Manual metal shear Holzmann HS200

139.00 € €169.00 -€30.00

This manual shears of established Holzmann HS200 allows cutting of sheets and profiles up to 200 mm.

Shear metal manual Holzmann HS250
  • -€10.00

Manual metal shear metal Holzmann HS250

199.00 € €209.00 -€10.00

This manual metal shear metal Holzmann HS250 allows the cutting of sheet metal and profiles up to 250 mm.

Bench shear Bernardo PBS16

559.00 €

The shear Universal Bernardo PBS16 is iDeale for craft businesses and repair shopsbut also very appropriate for schools and training workshops.

Bench shear Bernardo PBS22

849.00 €

The shear Universal Bernardo PBS22 is iDeale for craft businesses and repair shopsbut also very appropriate for schools and training workshops.

Manual metal shear Holzmann TBS650PRO

999.00 €

Cutting width 1650 mm. Universal shears of bench for cutting metals, papers, panels of circuit printed, plastics and other materials.

Manual metal shear guillotine Holzmann BSS1000

489.00 €

This manual metal shear guillotine Holzmann BSS1000 is perfectly suited to the needs of businesses of zinc works, fine metal, of metal construction as well as maintenance services.

Guillotine shears Holzmann BSS1000P

1,699.00 €

Guillotine shear Holzmann equipped BSS1000P for a table of 120 x 50 cm for a comfort of use optimum, usable for cutting sheets of 1000 mm wide x 1 mm thick.

Manual metal shear Holzmann TBS2000

3,389.00 €

Cutting width 2000 mm. Universal shears for cutting metals, papers, printed circuit boards, plastics and other materials.