Bandsaw blade for Scheppach

Kity and Scheppach band saws are popular brands in carpentry and DIY.

Here we offer band saw blades for the brand Scheppach!

If you are the owner of a Scheppach band saw, here are the band saw blades you will cut wood with your machine. If you have a Scheppach HBS20 band saw these are the 1400 mm blades, for a Scheppach Basa 1.0 or Basato 1 or more recently named Basa1 these are the ones in length 1490 mm, for the Scheppach HBS300 and Scheppach HBS300XWB these are those in 2240 mm, for the famous Scheppach Basato 3H, Scheppach Basato 3.0V and more recently named Scheppach Basa 3 it takes the blade length in 2360 mm, for the famous Scheppach Basa 3.0 which replaced the well-known Kity 613 it will be the blades in 2300 mm in length and finally for the band saw Scheppach Basa 4 you will need those in length 2895 mm and for older models Basato 4 and Basa 4.0 will be those in 2950 mm!

Whether for flow or fretwork, choose the one that fits your work. Made of hardened stainless steel or regrindable French steel, ready to use and welded to measure, you will appreciate our excellent French quality, made in a good steel they offer a good quality of cut and a better longevity than the blades of origin Asian!

Bandsaw blade for Scheppach - Probois machinoutils

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