Switches for machines

What would a machine tool, a woodworking machine or a metal machine without a switch be?

Find in this category the switches for machine tools!

Distributing for many years the Kity brand of woodworking machines, we mainly offer switches for these old machines that have been widely sold in France and Europe. Kity having been taken over by the brand Scheppach, we also provide this electric part if the age of the machine allows it of course. Our range of switches is growing every day at the request of our customers for other brands of machines such as Woodster, Holzprofi, John the cabinetmaker, Holzmann, Bernardo, Leman, do not hesitate to tell us your needs ! Do not forget the garden machines for which we also offer spare switches: log saw, log splitter, vegetable grinder, etc ...

Switches for machines

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