Bifurcation breeches for chip vacuum cleaner

The use of a chip vacuum cleaner is essential in carpentry work. Indeed, woodworking machines send out a lot of sawdust and wood shavings, so it is important for the health of its user to work with suction.

Who says chip vacuum cleaner, necessarily says, accessories for these vacuum cleaners in order to connect them to the machine!

The bifurcation panty with pull-on nozzle is one of those accessories!

The bifurcation pants offer the great advantage of connecting the suction hose to 2 machines, thus avoiding the incessant handling of the hose from the vacuum cleaner to the machine to be used. These panties are also equipped with a pull-tab nozzle, also called closing pull-tab or guillotine hatch, allowing part of the network to be isolated and therefore not to lose suction power!

Bifurcation breeches for chip vacuum cleaner - Probois machinoutils

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