Table saw

Sawing , edging , clean cutting of wood is an important step in carpentry.

That's why we offer a wide range of table saws!

The table saw can be a precision machine that the individual and the professional will use fluently or occasionally. That's why we offer entry-level machines at great prices to make a clean and precise cut but that remain in the field of DIY. Pro and knowledgeable fans will turn to a table saw or a panel saw with a much larger cutting capacity and trimming cart as well as settings. meticulous and a great quality of cutting, sawing. Let's not forget the construction saw which is highly appreciated for its generous cutting height for those who do not want precision but above all the advantage of a mobile machine to be transported on site or to move easily in its workshop.

For all budgets, for all DIY work, for the beginner and for the professional, to each his table saw .

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