Hedge trimmer

Electric hedge trimmers, thermal, wireless or perch for a garden always maintained!

Electric Hedge Sizes

Wired: This hedge cutter is designed primarily for small hedgerows, they are generally lighter than its thermal competitors. It is therefore appreciated by small templates.

Battery: They are equipped with Lithium-Ion batteries of variable voltage. The higher the tension, the more powerful the hedge trimmer will be, which will give you a precise and comfortable work. Regarding its autonomy, it is determined by the amperage hour (aH), the higher it is and the longer the battery lasts. This criterion is therefore very important.

But also Thermal Hedge Sizes

Its engine can be type 2 times, that is to say that it works with the mixture gasoline + oil.

Its engine can be 4-stroke, ie it has a self-contained oil reservoir.

This size hedge is the heaviest of its category, however its advantage lies in its autonomy and power, this type of hedge is recommended for professionals.

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Cordless Hedge Trimmer Metabo AHS 18-65 V Cordless Hedge Trimmer Metabo AHS 18-65 V
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Cordless Hedge Trimmer Metabo AHS 18-65 V

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Lightweight, powerful and quiet Metabo AHS 18-65 V cordless hedge trimmer for noise-sensitive areas.

Without battery or charger