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Jigsaws & reciprocating saws

A saber saw is wired or battery powered and sometimes pneumatic.

It is close to the family of jigsaws, it is ideal for cutting different materials: wood, steel, plastic and allows difficult cuts.

This saw is a handsaw equipped with a motor, it gives the user a remarkable working comfort that simplifies the work of cutting sometimes long and inconvenient. This small machine can cut multiple materials depending on the blade. The wired electric saw is more powerful and more robust than the battery jigsaw, however it can be very useful on site and in hard-to-reach places!

The jigsaw is an ideal power tool for cutting various materials!

It can indeed cut PVC, wood, worktop, plastic or other materials, it is very convenient for straight and rounded cut. It can also be electric wired or battery.

This machine is useful for both 90 ° and 45 ° cutting on thin materials, the higher the thickness of the workpiece, and the more you need a powerful machine. The choice of your blade will also be based on the thickness and material to be cut.

Jigsaws & reciprocating saws - Probois machinoutils

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Jigsaw Metabo STE 140

239.00 €

Extremely handy Metabo STE 140 jigsaw thanks to the small diameter of the handle and the rubberized softgrip surface!