Planer Knives

Find here irons for jointers of any length, thickness and width suitable for all dewarners!

The planer jointer blades are indispensable in carpentry.

As the consumption of these tools is regular, it is better to equip oneself with an excellent quality to avoid having to change them or sharpen them too often.

That is why at Probois machinoutils, you will benefit from our TOP quality, HSS irons with 18% chromium to give them a better longevity.

We also offer carbide jointer blades that offer better cutting quality and a 20 to 30 times longer life than HSS!

You will find here the irons for Holzmann machines, the Jean cabinetmaker ML392, the Scheppach Plana 3.0c, the Kity 2635, the Leman RAD250 for the most famous and many others!

In the case of regrindable irons, think of magnetic positioners! They are almost indispensable for height adjustment and to avoid long hours ...

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