Stand for radial miter saws

Miter saws are woodworking machines widely used in carpentry.

That's why different brackets for radial miter saws are developed!

Find here different models of supports of the simplest or most advanced, with extensions and maids to support and direct the wood, different templates to choose according to the model of miter saw that we have.

They can be easily moved for use on site, they can also offer integrated electrical outlets, radial saw stands are now more and more sophisticated to ensure safe work!

Stand for radial miter saws - Probois Machinoutils

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Universal saw table Holzmann USK1710
91.66 € Price
Universal machine stand Bernardo KSU1560
183.33 € Price
Universal machine stand Holzmann USK2760
166.66 € Price
Support arm for universal machine stand (set of 2)
33.33 € Price
Support arm for Scheppach UMF1600 et UMF2000
16.66 € Price