Saw blades

There are different kinds of blades for cutting and flowing wood or non -ferrous metals.

Blades for all your needs and all types of saws

At Probois Machinoutils, we offer a wide range of saw blades for a large number of machines and tools and to meet all your needs in terms of cutting of materials.

The circular saw blade: essential in carpentry

What handyman does not have his circular saw in his workshop to cut from time to time. Which professional also has his portable circular saw, on table or in format in his well -equipped workshop? The circular carbide saw blade is the most used in the area of carpentry. We offer a wide choice of quality and European manufacturing blades benefiting from a high quality carbide, a generous teeth that can be sharpened several times, teeth of different shapes and to be adapted to the use and essence of wood to cut but also for non -ferrous metals and for the cut of metal thanks to our Dry Cut blades!

The blade of log saws: much sought after for cutting the firewood

The log saws are very appreciated and well sold these days. From diameter 400 to diameter 700 mm, log blades can be with carbide teeth or simply in steel called chrome vanadium. They are widely used for cutting the firewood. Our log blades are of excellent quality, manufactured in Europe they benefit from good technology and will give effective work on the machine. Indeed, the important thing is that the body is well tensioned and thick to avoid vibrations during cutting, generous teeth and quality carbide to ensure good longevity with the blade.

Blades of ribbon saws and sautowy saws

The ribbon saw blade also finds its place in carpentry workshops or simply at home at the handyman. There are a lot of different lengths because of course depending on the diameter of the machine steering wheel and its capacities, the ribbon blade must be adapted.

Finally, the blade saw blade widely used also for fine cutouts and singing with a jigsaw and the singing saw blade for wooden creations and modelists are high consumption wood tools!

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