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Metal Sanders

Metal belt sanders can be used for many tasks such as sanding, deburring, and metal machining.

These metal sanders will allow you to easily remove rusty areas!

Metal belt sanders allow you to work comfortably without getting tired. It can be a portable metal sander for easy sanding of fixed metal areas or a stationary metal sander for sanding large areas of moving metal. For fast deburring of edges, perfect cleaning of weld seams, different models are available with different options: speed variator, dust extraction system and others.

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Portable belt sander metal Holzmann RSG620

140.83 €

The belt grinder portable metal Holzmann RSG620 is the ideal tool for grinding, polishing different materials such as stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, etc...

Bench grinder Bernardo DS200S

199.17 €

Grinder grinding Bernardo DS200S ideal for professionals and amateurs.  The induction motor works silently and without maintenance thanks to quality ball bearings. Quality of grinding wheels provide optimal results when the tool grinding and deburring.