Protective clothing and safety

It is essential to protect yourself to work properly, safety comes first, that's why we offer a full range of protective clothing and safety.

Protective clothing and accessories for all your needs

When you tinker, you have to think about your eyes and therefore protect yourself from splinters and debris, that's why we offer safety glasses and visors ideal for outdoor work.

We must try to protect his hands, which are very vulnerable during work, so we advise you to use Kevlar anti-cut gloves.

We must also think of his ears, vulnerable when using machines, earplugs are necessary for this.

The airways can also be damaged by dust and fine particles from the cutting of wood, so use of respirators is recommended for your comfort and safety.

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Safety glasses UV Protection

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Safety glasses for use in the frame when using woodworking machines, log saws, brushcutters and other electro-portable machines ...