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Edge banding machine

The finishing of the edges of the panels veneered in wood, melamine and other will be done thanks to a band plated thanks to a tacker.

All edgebanders at the best price!

Portable edgebander with glue box for PVC, ABS, laminated veneer, wood veneer, etc ... not glued for straight or scribed panels ...

The edgebander can be pre-glued, ie it works with fusible strips, it is easy to use but your work will be limited. These are small machines equipped with a reel for the veneer tape. The operation is as follows: We push while holding the tool plated on the edge of the glued panel. The tape is then manually cut at the end of the job.

It can also be equipped with a glue box, in this case its operation is more complex but it will allow you a greater diversity of work. It can plate various materials. Equipped with a glue tank often in the form of balls, it is equipped with an adjustment system to advance the roller according to several parameters: speed, temperature control and dosage of the glue.

Edge banding machine - Probois Machinoutils

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Portable edgebander Holzmann KAM45PRO

787.50 € Tax included

The Holzmann KAM45PRO portable edgebander is a compact and robust machine. It remains ideal for all your work on site and in the workshop.