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Vibration tamper Scheppach VS1000

832.50 €

The Scheppach VS1000 ramming will allow you to Damer pavers as well as roads, sidewalks, and locations where the soil must be stabilized.

Plate compactor Scheppach HP1300

437.50 €

Scheppach HP1300 vibrating plate equipped with a petrol 4 engine time to 6.5 HP suitable for paving and compaction.

Distribution box Holzmann SSV32A

229.08 €

Currents are often very rare sites, thanks to this set of distribution you can get electricity from a 32 A connection and distribute it to other devices !

Block splitter Scheppach HSC130 Block splitter Scheppach HSC130
  • -€20.00

Block splitter Scheppach HSC130

187.50 € €207.50 -€20.00

Scheppach HSC130 pavers cut is suitable for cutting pavers, slabs and curbs in the commercial formats.

Earth auger Scheppach EB1700

190.83 €

Scheppach EB1700 thermal Auger ideal for drilling holes for fence posts, hedge shrubs and trees! 

Dumper Scheppach DP3000 - 6.5 HP

1,140.83 €

This Scheppach DP3000 dumper is equipped with a large bucket capacity allowing you to carry bricks, Earth, gravel and others, it is also equipped with 4-wheel drive for a maximum of traction!

Dumper Scheppach DP5000 - 6.5 HP

1,999.17 €

This dumper Scheppach DP5000 fafacilitate the transport of sand, gravel, stones, wood, materials bulky and much more. It is the ideal machine to move loads up to 500 kg.

Hole saw set Holzmann LSS17TLG

57.50 €

Holzmann LSS17TLG aluminum case with 13 hole saws, for wood, metals, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastics.