Concrete mixer

The concrete mixer is ideal for the manufacture of concrete and mortar on site, it will allow you to carry out multiple works: making slab, pouring foundation of a wall or construction of a fence. It is perfect for the work of the house!

The concrete mixers sold here are electric and mobile!

The electric mixer is usually less expensive than the concrete mixer. The machine has good maneuverability because it is light. Moreover its start is fast even under bad climatic conditions. You will have no more maintenance to do! In addition, the cement mixers sold here have free shipping!

The concrete mixer: a machine easy to use:

Here are the different parts of the machine:

  • A mixing tank
  • Electric motor
  • Rigid chassis
  • Wheels for easy movement

The tank of the concrete mixer is an essential element when you choose!

Indeed, the choice of your concrete mixer will be mainly depending on the volume of the tank. It should be known that the electric mixers have a kneading capacity corresponding to 80% of the volume of the tank. For example: a 100 liter tank will produce 80 liters of concrete per batch. It should also be known that the homogeneity of the mixture will not be optimal if the tank is filled to the brim.

Practical information about concrete mixers

The number of bags of cement per batch depends on the dosage chosen. In general, a ½ bag (35 kg) of cement per batch is required for a mixing capacity of 110 liters against 1 bag for a mixing volume of 140 liters to 180 liters.

Concrete mixer - Probois machinoutils

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