Screwdriver drill

There are several types of drill. We mainly offer cordless drills, they are manageable and autonomous and are perfect for mounting furniture and drilling different materials. The torque of these machines is generally adjustable and the "Percussion" function is sometimes included, this function is ideal for drilling the hardest materials.

Screw drills with or without percussion are essential in the DIY workshop and on the construction site!

A piece of furniture to fix? A frame to hang? A board to screw? These machines are perfect for all of this!

It is important to know the number of strokes / minute, the speed of rotation and the amperage of the machine before finalizing your purchase. The higher the amperes / hour, the more time your runner will have.

Screwdriver drill - Probois machinoutils

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Battery drill Scheppach CCD45-20ProS

41.66 € Tax included

Here you are, ready to tackle all household and shop jobs with this battery-powered drill.

Supplied without battery and without battery charger

Cordless Drill Metabo BS18LTBL

165.83 € Tax included

Metabo BS18LTBL Cordless Drill Driver equipped with a Brushless motor with optimum power for demanding applications

without battery or charger

Cordless hammer drill... Cordless hammer drill...
  • -€25.00

Cordless hammer drill Metabo SB18LTBL

124.17 € Tax included €149.67 -€25.00

Metabo SB18LTBL Brushless cordless impact drill with optimum power for demanding applications!

without battery or charger