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Welding equipment

You will necessarily need a welding machine and welding equipment, if you want to weld iron, aluminum, stainless steel or other.

Soldering stations for DIYers and professionals.

The entry-level welding machines we offer are particularly suitable for individuals wishing to weld occasionally. They are not designed for everyday use.

On the other hand we also offer mid-range and high-end welding machines that can be used by semi-professionals and professionals.

Soldering stations for different jobs

Welding allows you to carry out various tasks: automotive restoration, construction of wrought iron gates, manufacture of objects of all kinds. These different jobs require a different method depending on the material to be worked: steel, special steel, stainless steel, aluminum, that's why we offer a range of welding stations adapted to each job!

You can weld the arc, semi-automatic but also in TIG, MIG, MIG MAG and others.

A wide range of accessories!

We also present a wide range of accessories for welding such as masks, electrodes, trolleys, torches etc.

Welding equipment - Probois Machinoutils

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Plasma cutter Scheppach PLC40

209.00 €

Powerful and compact Scheppach PLC40 plasma cutter emitting a regular plasma beam and allowing to cut up to 12 mm thick.

Welding machine Inverter Holzmann EISA162

229.00 €

Welding machine Holzmann EISA162 with the ability Inverter, compact structure, light weight, it will allow you to make small work with precision !

Welding machine Inverter Holzmann EISA200

399.00 €

Welding machine Holzmann EISA200 with the ability Inverter, compact structure, light weight, it will allow you to make small work with precision !

Welding machine Holzmann Tisa160

319.00 €

Welding machine Holzmann Tisa160 portable and compact Inverter technology ideal for welding in TIG dc and the smaw.

Welding machine Holzmann Tisa200

493.00 €

Welding machine Inverter Holzmann Tisa200 robust and portable, ideal for maintenance, pipe fitters, boilermakers and others.

Welding machine AC/DC Holzmann PISA200ACDC

1,199.00 €

Welding machine AC/DC Holzmann PISA200ACDC of compact structure, portable, with full function AC/DC TIG/WIG suitable for mild steel and stainless and aluminium.

Welding machine MIG/MAG Holzmann MSA250

1,245.00 €

MIG/MAG welding machine Holzmann MSA250 of compact structure, high performance, suitable for the welding by points, continuously and in space.

Cart Holzmann FW101 for welding machine

139.00 €

This cart Holzmann FW101 stable and robust is ideal for moving your welder, it will enable you to work anywhere ! It has 4 wheels of which 2 are mobile for ease of movement !

Welding mask Holzmann ADF730S Lithium with battery

149.99 €

Welding mask ultra light and comfortable suitable for professional use, it is equipped with a liquid crystal filter which is automatically and instantly tinted from the start of the electric arc.