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Electric tile cutter

A tile cutter or electric tile cutter is the ideal product for cutting wall tiles or floor tiles. This site tool can be used to make straight or diagonal rectilinear cuts.

The tile cutter is ideal for bathroom construction sites!

At Probois Machinoutils, the tile cutters sold are electric, they allow the user to cut thin and thick tiling tiles effortlessly!

This tool is suitable for large cuts and finishing work, its protective cover ensures optimum safety for the user.

Advantages of the electric tile cutter

All tiles, even thick ones, can be cut effortlessly

These machines are suitable for large cuts and finishing work

Materials allow the cutting of very hard materials

This machine ensures safe use

How to choose your tile cutter model?

There are 4 criteria to consider:

  • The nature of the tile
  • The type of cuts
  • The surface to cover
  • Types of tiles

Wall tiles

These tiles do not require very elaborate equipment, in fact, the cutting of this type of tile is quite simple.

Floor tiles

These tiles are generally thicker and larger in size

Tile density

Marble, stone or terracotta should preferably be cut by abrasion with a disc, denser materials such as porcelain stoneware should be cut with a tile cutter.

Types of cuts

For a rounded, beveled or oblique cut, we recommend the use of the electric tile cutter on the table.

Floor area to be tiled

The electric tile cutter is ideal for an area greater than 20 m².

Electric tile cutter - Probois machinoutils

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Electric tile cutter Zipper ZI-FS115
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Electric tile cutter Zipper ZI-FS115

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This small Zipper ZI-FS115 electric tile cutter is a practical and ergonomic machine that can be transported easily!