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Woodworking requires quality machines and tools in order to work with comfort and precision, which is why we offer a complete range of machines such as combinations, router-saws, planer jointers, band saws and others ! Carry out quality works, retype your furniture or manufacture large objects thanks to our range of professional quality woodworking machines.

Professional range machines from different brands!

Discover here different brands of woodworking machines. Indeed, we offer machines from the Italian brand Griwood or the famous brand Holzprofi, specialized in professional range machines.

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Bandsaw Holzprofi HBS350 - pro !

1,204.17 € Tax included

The new Holzprofi HBS350 Band Saw is a solid construction with good cutting capabilities that puts it in the professional range!

bandsaw HOLZPROFI HBS480

2,245.83 € Tax included

The HBS480 Holzprofi Band Saw is a robust, accurate machine with really interesting capabilities for the discerning and professional looking for large widths and cutting heights!

Not available

bandsaw HOLZPROFI HBS530 - 230V

2,412.50 € Tax included

The band saw Holzprofi HBS530 is a robust, accurate machine with really interesting capabilities!

Bandsaw Holzprofi HBS630

4,079.17 € Tax included

Diameter of the steering wheel 630 mm. Massive building construction. Large tilting cast iron table. Balanced wheels in cast iron. Very large cutting capacities. Upper and lower blade guide with three rollers. High-end manufacturing.

Wood lathe with electronic variator Holzprofi Maker MC2032VS-ADV

2,787.50 € Tax included

This wood lathe from the new Holzprofi Maker range is equipped with a cast iron bed that will allow you to eliminate all vibrations when working even on very unbalanced parts and its speed is adjustable by frequency variator from 0 to 3550 rpm which will allow you to work with optimal efficiency.

Oscillating edge sander Holzprofi PCHO3000

3,787.50 € Tax included

This oscillating edge sander offers the possibility of working solid wood edges as well as veneered edges thanks to its pad and its cast iron cheeks.

Drum sander Holzprofi SPB635

5,829.17 € Tax included

Drum sander Holzprofi SPB635 ideal for sanding and calibrating large areas up to 635 mm.

Professional format circular saw JET JTSS-1600

4,495.83 € Tax included

This JET JTSS-1600 circular panel saw is equipped with a powerful motor that will allow wood professionals continuous and quality work in the cutting of solid, melamine or plywood panels.

Not available

bandsaw HOLZPROFI HBS530 - 400V

2,412.50 € Tax included

The band saw Holzprofi HBS530 is a robust, accurate machine with really interesting capabilities!