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Profile knives and limiters 40x4 mm

In the work at the top, carpentry, cabinet-making, renovation, many moldings and different styles exist.

Need to reproduce or create a flower bed, the molding of a frame or a kitchen door, to make quarters of round or snuff, a Louis XV or contemporary style?

a range of 40 mm router bits is made for woodworking

More than 150 different molding profiles will allow you to create, copy, reproduce or renovate! These router bits spacing 24 mm are universal, that is to say they can be mounted on any router tool multi-function height 40 or height 50 mm of this distance.

The 40 mm high router bits are made of high-speed steel, our high Swiss quality guarantees a perfect cutting long. Of course any tool is sharpened, as soon as the cut in the wood is more difficult, not to make the iron blue, think of little sharpening!

Keep your router bits always sharp It is the guarantee to keep them always, do not hesitate to bring you a water grinder, always at hand, it will sharpen quickly respecting the cutting angle.

Profile knives and limiters 40x4 mm - Probois machinoutils

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