Maxipress Piher pump clamp

In DIY, whether you work with metal or wood, you will necessarily need clamping tools to effectively hold your parts during their machining or assembly. The Piher brand, a competitor to the Bessey-Ser brand in the field of clamps, offers high quality clamping products certified ISO 9001. Their clamps made in Spain are guaranteed for life, a guarantee of reliability and robustness.

Discover our range of Maxipress Piher pump clamps

At Probois Machinoutils, we offer a wide range of Maxipress pump clamps from the Piher brand (lifetime warranty). Do not hesitate to browse this page to find the model that suits you!

Here are the advantages of the Maxipress Piher pump clamp :

  • Exceptional tightening power for this pump clamp (900 kg)
  • Professional clamp, essential tool for carpenters and carpenters
  • The shape of the fixed and mobile heads preserves the edges and reliefs of the part to be clamped.
  • Clamp with integrated grease nipple for lubrication
  • Clamp with interchangeable handle
  • Clamp with ergonomic handle and multi-positions
  • This pump clamp is equipped with a brake on the movable head preventing the movable head from slipping on the rod.
Maxipress Piher pump clamp - Probois Machinoutils

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