Lifting and handling equipment

In a workshop, lifting is an almost inevitable manipulation, indeed, it can always happen that one needs to lift heavy objects. That's why at Probois Machinoutils, we offer a range of hoists to carry heavy loads without problem!

Electric winch hoist

Whether you're a mechanical fan or a garage owner, hoists are the right choice. These accessories can be electric winch. This is the ideal material for DIYers with problems with bulky objects, indeed the electric box limits physical effort and fatigue.

Manual hoist

Some people will surely opt for a manual hoist, so it is better to install a bracket to which the device will be fixed. This hoist is equipped with chain and a safety pawl. We advise you to use gloves to handle this accessory safely.

The traction hoist

This material is ideal for moving and lifting very heavy objects! Indeed, this device will allow you to tow heavy loads such as stumps or poles for example. This hoist is equipped with a steel cable and steel hooks and safety latches.

Maintain lifting equipment

A hoist does not require special maintenance except periodic lubrication of the mechanical parts. However, it is important to use your lifting equipment with respect to guarantee the user's guarantee.

Using advice

If you find yourself in the following situation: you are in a lifting situation and a load is hanging on the hoist, you need to get off or ride the load a few millimeters. If you do not know which side of the handling chain to operate, take the chain in hand and watch the control pulley, if it is on your side, then you must put the left hand for the descent and right hand to mount it.

Lifting and handling equipment - Probois machinoutils

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Moveable lifting table Holzmann SHT300XF

457.50 € Tax included

The Holzmann SHT300XF scissor lift table trolley is the essential tool in a workshop to transport and level your loads!

Not available

Moveable lifting table Holzmann SHT350XXF

582.50 € Tax included

Holzmann SHT350XXF double scissor lift table trolley ideal for transporting and leveling your loads in the workshop!

Moveable lifting table Holzmann SHT310

999.17 € Tax included

Robust and easy to use Holzmann SHT310 scissor lift table trolley, equipped with large diameter wheels and hydraulic pump.