Sander and Polisher

Sanding is an essential operation in the carpentry, building and automotive industries.

With each field of activity its sander or polisher!

There are different models and forms of sanding machines for sanding wood according to the roughing or finishing work to be done. For example, the belt sander for sanding or stripping a door or shutter, for example, the orbital sander or eccentric sander for rough work also sanding, the vibrating sander with rectangular or triangular tray to go into the corners is the so-called finishing sander.

The giraffe sander or the sander is dedicated to the construction work while the polisher is essential for the bodybuilder for the application of the polish. A whole range of portable sanders with specific functions is offered here with all the abrasive and sandpaper suitable for fine sanding and roughing work.

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Electric belt file 13mm - 260W
37.49 € Price
Orbital Sander GMC 2 trays - 430 W
65.83 € Price
Orbital sander eccentric Triton TROS125 - 280 W
65.83 € Price
Orbital sander eccentric GMC GGOS150 - 710 W
124.99 € Price
Orbital Sander Triton TGEOS variable speed
240.83 € Price
1200W Belt Sander 100mm
158.33 € Price
650W Portable Oscillating Spindle Sander
95.83 € Price