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In our bookstore specializing in woodturning, you will find a wide range of books.

A selection of books on woodturning at Probois Machinoutils!

Discover many books that will reveal the secrets of woodturning techniques, allow you to work with wood and use your woodturning lathe like a professional.

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Book: The Secrets of Shooting Volume 1 - Turned Toys

34.11 € Tax included

To progress in your technical mastery, nothing is better than to benefit from the experience of recognized professionals. There are several of them here, opening the doors of their workshops to you: discover their ways of turning, the "tips" they use, share their passion for wood!

Book on the discovery of filming

9.48 € Tax included

All the techniques to make your first turned objects.

In this special edition, the bias of BOIS + specialists is technical, and aims to answer all the beginner's questions. Ready to discover a new universe?

100% Turning book - Techniques and models

18.86 € Tax included

Techniques for learning, models for progress

Pat Ganot gradually introduces you to the techniques, tools, accessories, etc. related to turning.

There you will find advice before you start, a focus on turning wood, a detailed presentation of the tools, the technique of digging and its possibilities, a complete file on boxes and interlocking, "easy" achievements as well as technically more advanced creations: textured walls, offset feet ...