Chisel mortiser

Chisel mortises allow the realization of clean mortises with square edges that do not require any recovery. These woodworking machines are made of cast iron ensuring a great stability essential when machining mortises.

Different models of chisel mortisers exist!

The head of the chisel mortiser can tilt according to machine models and can rotate 360 ​​° to machine large pieces of wood. Equipped with an independent motor, the chisel mortisers are woodworking machines indispensable in carpentry or in the workshop of the handyman already equipped with other machines like the jointer planer or the combined with wood without needing handling of assembly and disassembly . The chisel making the mortise has square cutting edges and a helical drill bit inside the chisel digs the mortiser during the mortising operation.

Chisel mortiser - Probois machinoutils

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Hollow Chisel Mortiser Leman MOR375
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Mortiser square chisel Jean l'ébéniste MS3840 + 5 wicks
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Hollow Chisel Mortiser Jean l'ébéniste MS3840
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Hollow Chisel Mortiser Leman MOR750
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Hollow Chisel Mortiser Holzmann STM26S
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Hollow Chisel Mortiser Bernardo HM25 Top (stand optional)
832.50 € Price
Chuck 13 mm to change hollow chisel mortiser in drill column
24.99 € Price