Band saw blade 2300 to 2360 mm

Band saw blades for Kity and Scheppach machines are popular woodworking tools.

Made of hardened stainless steel or regrindable French steel, ready to use and welded to measure, you will appreciate our excellent French quality, made in a good steel they offer a good quality of cut and a better longevity than the blades of origin Asian!

We equip all band saws with a blade from 2300 mm to 2360 mm in length!

The 2300 mm band saw blade is mainly dedicated to the old Kity 613 and Scheppach Basa 3.0 machines, while the 2360 mm long band saw blade mounts to the well-known Kity 673, Scheppach Basato 3H, Scheppach Basato 3.0V and Basa 3.

Band saw blade length 2300 to 2360 mm - Probois machinoutils

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