Bimetal band saw blade

Metal bandsaw blades for cutting all materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, copper and PVC are sought-after metal tools!

All high quality metal band saw blades at the best price!

Here we offer different lengths suitable for metal band saws Holzmann BS125M, Holzmann BS115, Holzmann BS128HDR identical to the Bernardo EBS128, Jet HVBS-56-M from Promac, Holzmann BS712TOP, Métalprofi MB715, Holzmann BS712Turn, Holzmann BS210TOP and BS275TOP, etc. ..

In short, a whole range of bi-metal blades, with fixed pitch or variable pitch depending on the material to be cut, which will allow you to work with your metal saw!

Bimetal band saw blade - Probois Machinoutils

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