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Orbital sander polisher

The orbital polishing sander is generally used in the car body industry.

This type of machine is suitable for finishing and polishing / buffing. This machine is used for the application of polish.

To choose your orbital polishing sander, it is important to look at its power, its speed (expressed in revolutions per minute), its disk diameter, its weight. It is also useful to have a machine equipped with a variator. They can be fitted with sheepskin or a pad.

Orbital sander polisher- Probois machinoutils

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DIY 1200W Sander Polisher 180mm
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Sander Polisher 180mm
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Sander polisher GMC 180 mm
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Sander polisher double action GMC - 600 W
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Sander giraffe Scheppach DS920
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Sander giraffe Scheppach DS920
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