There are different types of sander for various purposes!

You will be able to find portable sanders , giraffe sanders , belt sanders and oscillating, all these machines meet the needs well accurate.

The biggest work like sanding a door is preferably done with a belt sander, indeed it is a heavy and powerful machine usable from front to back.

The eccentric sander and eccentric sander are perfect for curved, flat shapes, rough jobs.

The giraffe sander designed for vertical use is ideal for sanding in height, this machine is mounted on a pole.

The wall sander is designed for wall work as well but does not have a pole, so it is lighter but not necessarily practical since it is necessary to mount on a support to reach the top of the walls.

As for finishing work, it is advisable to use a vibrating sander, light and handy, they can be equipped with a rectangular or triangular tray (ideal for angles).

The electric file is the ideal tool for hard to reach corners, indeed it is a very fine, light and elongated sander.

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