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Surface planer

Our surface planer machine allow you to plan a professional quality needed in carpentry or carpentry, and will delight the do-it-yourselfers and amateurs.

The planer : a machine essential in woodworking

It allows to unravel pieces of rough wood to make them flat! A jointer has larger tables than a comb-de-planer often smaller and that's why this single-operation woodworking machine is highly appreciated by professionals. Their structure is very robust for vibration-free work.

Surface Planer machines - Probois machinoutils

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Planer Bernardo SP150
765.83 € Price
Planer Bernardo SP200
1,232.50 € Price
Planer 300 mm Bernardo SP300S - 400 V
2,165.83 € Price
Planer Holzmann AHM410P
4,082.50 € Price
Planer Holzmann AHM530P
4,415.84 € Price