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  • €457.00 - €458.00

Hydraulic workshop press

Hydraulic workshop presses are essential machines in mechanics!

They solicit you several applications!

It will make you disassemble the ball bearings, extract the rings and needle cages or correct the bent parts.

Our range is composed of 10 tons to 50 tons of power for all needs. Smaller models can be moved directly to the job site allowing you to work comfortably and efficiently.

Hydraulic workshop press - Probois machinoutils

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Hydraulic press 10 tons Holzmann WP10H

329.00 €

The hydraulic press 10 ton Holzmann WP10H is suitable for pressing, bending, straightening, the mounting and dismounting of bearings, trees etc...

Hydraulic press 20 ton HOLZMANN WP20H

549.00 €

Hydraulic workshop press Holzmann WP20H suitable for the pressing, bending, straightening, Assembly and disassembly of bearings, trees etc...