Wood lathe chuck

The chuck for wood lathe is an essential equipment of the turner, it has two major functions: to maintain the workpiece on the part of the lathe and to allow its rotation.

There are several large types of chucks for wood lathes :

Universal chuck, mixed chuck, return chuck, pneumatic chuck, specific chuck ...

The shape of the mandrels varies according to the needs, several factors must therefore be taken into account:

The power-to-weight ratio: a small tower can not be equipped with a large chuck, conversely, a large tower must be equipped with a larger chuck.

The number of jaws: A chuck for a wood lathe must have four jaws and be equipped with a large clamping surface to avoid crushing the wood when tightening.

The type of tightening: it can be concentric (the most used): that is to say that the part is clamped automatically in the axis of the lathe or independent: the jaws are clamped independently, this clamping is used for deformed parts.

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