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Combination woodworking machine

Whether you are a professional, a handyman, an avid lover or a wood lover, the wood combined machine is a machine suited to your job.

The wood combination combines all essential carpentry functions.

On a wood combination you have 5 or 6 operations such as jointer, planer, router, saw and tenoning or sawing machine. Depending on the model, the mortiser is included or not. Different brands share the wood combined market, Scheppach, Holzmann, Bernardo, Leman, Holzprofi and John the Cabinetmaker.

Advantages of the wood combination

Its price is more interesting than individual woodworking machines, it saves space in the workshop or its garage, knowing that it can be easily stored with optional displacement kits.

Combination woodworking machine - Probois Machinoutils

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Combined with wood 5 operations Bernardo 250 mm CWM250 Top

3,495.83 € Tax included

This Bernardo CWM250 Top Austrian wood-burning handset has cast iron tables, 3 independent motors and interesting capacity for its small volume! The CWM250 Top is distinguished by its higher sawing height!