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In DIY and carpentry, you regularly use sharp woodworking tools that must remain, unfortunately, these tools wear out (sometimes quickly) and it is therefore necessary to maintain them to work properly and efficiently.

Sharpening machines for all your cutting tools!

Discover our wide range of water sharpeners for wood tools, sharpen your tools and accessories with speed and precision. We offer a variety of high quality machines designed to bring you work and efficiency! Each machine can be completed with one or more accessories allowing you multiple uses! Also sharpen your carbide and steel circular saw blades with our Holzmann MTY 8-70 grinding machine as well as your jointer blades, knives and scissors, as well as drill bits and chain saw chains! No need to bring your tools to sharpening!

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Wet and dry sharpener Holzmann NTS200Flex

112.50 € Tax included

The Holzmann NTS200Flex water grinder effortlessly sharpens all your woodworking tools and cutting tools without heating them as the stone is plunged into a cold water bath!

Water sharpener Holzmann NTS250S

115.83 € Tax included

The Holzmann NTS20S wet sharpener is perfect for grinding your carving and turning tools, as well as knives, scissors and more. The corundum wheel passes through a water tank to prevent the part from overheating. The speed is easily and continuously adjustable between 90 and 150 rpm.

Wet and dry sharpener Bernardo NTS250 Vario

179.17 € Tax included

Bernardo NTS250 Vario water grinder with speed variator effortlessly sharpens all your woodworking tools and cutting tools, without heating them because the stone is immersed in a cold water bath!

Electric drill bit sharpener 2-20 mm Bernardo DG20M

582.50 € Tax included

The handy drill grinding machine DG 20 M is ideal for grinding of twist drills out of HSS, carbide, cobalt and so on. The adjustable centre point of 90º to 135º makes this model universal for double-edged twist drills.

Circular saw blade sharpener Bernardo SBS800 Circular saw blade sharpener Bernardo SBS800
  • -€25.00

Circular saw blade sharpener Bernardo SBS800

187.50 € Tax included €215.00 -€25.00

Bernardo SBS800 circular saw blade sharpener designed for sharpening blades from 80 to 1000 mm. It is equipped with a more rigid blade support arm than on the Bernardo SBS700 sharpener, allowing it to work larger diameters more easily.

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Planer blade sharpener Holzmann MS6000

287.50 € Tax included

The cutter knife grinder Holzmann MS6000 is suitable for grinding of cutter knives up to 620 mm in length.