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Metal drill grinding machines

Working with sharp and sharp metal tools is essential and very easy now.

Our range of sharpeners for your metal drills will be of great use!

For the individual or the professional each his sharpener: the sharpening or sharpening of quality adapted to his need. Simple machine to give cutting to your wicks or twist drills, the sharpening machine Scheppach DBS800 or Holzmann BSG13E is ideal at home! For more professional sharpening, machines such as the Holzmann BSG13PRO or Holzmann BSG30PRO drill grinding machine will be preferred. These professional sharpeners are delivered with different mandrels according to the diameter of the drill to sharpen, complete machines at very affordable prices!

Metal drill grinding machines - Probois machinoutils

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Drill bit sharpener 3-13 mm Scheppach DBS800
41.66 € Price
Drill Bit Sharpener Holzmann BSG13PRO
332.50 € Price
Electric drill bit sharpener 2-20 mm Bernardo DG20M
657.50 € Price
Drill Bit Sharpener Holzmann BSG30PRO
1,165.83 € Price