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Woodworking tools

When buying a machine, it is essential to be well equipped. You will find here all woodworking tools for DIY, carpentry or cabinetry. Everything for woodworking ...

A whole range of tools for woodworking

We offer a range of high quality tools consisting of blades of different diameters, jointer blades of all sizes, milling cutters, slotting bits and router tools.

The circular blades that we offer are made of steel or carbide (more expensive but of much better quality giving you a much longer life), you will be able to equip your circular saws with these blades in order to to make quality cuts. We also offer log saw blades ideal for the production of firewood.

Jointers will offer you a clean and comfortable job, we also offer iron positioners, these tools are very useful and will save you valuable time.

Also find the router bits and mortise drills allowing you to perform many tasks such as burring, grooving, mortising or others.

The router tooling that we offer is of Swiss quality giving you a comfortable work in complete safety, here you will find tool holders, 40 and 50 mm high irons, specialized books and DVDs! You will find everything you need for your 20, 30 and 50 mm shaft machines!

Woodworking tools - Probois machinoutils

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