Tools bore 20 mm

The tools for a 20 mm tree top are rare nowadays, however, many Kity machines are still in operation.

The old Kity K5 wood combined machines or direct drive, Kity 626 routers were with a 20 mm shaft.

The irons put themselves directly in the light of the tree, which is now forbidden for safety. So all the owners of these famous Kity machines can still turn to the only existing multifunctional tool holder in 20 mm bore. To mount the other tools in bore 30 mm, it will be necessary to bring a sleeve allowing to pass from a shaft of 20 mm to 30 mm.

Thus, these machines of another time will not be put in a corner of the workshop, the handyman happy possessor of a Kity, will be able to mold, tenon, leaf, groove, etc ... by accessing all the range 40 mm high router bits and other special tools such as flower bed, helical sizer and more!

Woodworking tools for spindle mouler bore 20 mm

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