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Hammer drill

The hammer drill hammer is an indispensable tool when you undertake work, it can be pneumatic, wired or battery.

Hammer and chisel hammers perfect for drilling walls, wood and even metal!

This power tool is particularly used in masonry, it can fulfill various missions and also serve as a screwdriver. Depending on the chisel, you have the opportunity to remove tiles and others.

The criteria to take into account when choosing your chipping hammer

  • The frequency of strikes: it expresses the number of strokes / minute
  • The power expressed in Joules (J): this is what defines its strike force
  • The speed of rotation: this is what defines its ability to pierce the different materials

But also electric, thermal or pneumatic hammers.

This machine replaces you hand tools and therefore improves your working conditions. It is the perfect tool to break different materials like concrete, stone or bricks, it can be electric, thermal or pneumatic.

 The power of the engine varies depending on the size of the jack hammer, so the larger your machine will be and the more you can demolish important parts. It is therefore important to choose your machine according to your needs.

Hammer drill - Probois machinoutils

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Demolition hammer Scheppach AB1900 Demolition hammer Scheppach AB1900
  • On sale!
  • -€60.00

Demolition hammer Scheppach AB1900

127.50 € Tax included €188.00 -€60.00

Jackhammer 17 kg with a percussion force of 60 Joules ideal for demanding work!

Rotary hammer drill Metabo KHA 18 LTX Rotary hammer drill Metabo KHA 18 LTX
  • -€60.00

Rotary hammer drill Metabo KHA 18 LTX

139.17 € Tax included €199.67 -€60.00

Metabo KHA 18 LTX chisel hammer drill with 3 functions: hammer drilling, drilling and chiselling

without battery or charger