Workshop equipment

Properly equipping your workshop involves many needs in specialized tools.

Find all the equipment for your workshop here!

Whether you are a professional or just a handyman, the ideal is to be able to work with all the tools at hand. A workshop or garage is full of tools in the fields of welding, lifting or handling, repairing your car or motorcycle!

A range of specialized tools for welding

Turn your workspace into a real welding workshop! Different quality soldering stations are here sold, arc welding machine, inverter welding machine, plasma cutter, MIG-MAG and Tisa welding machine as well as all the accessories at the best price to perform your welding such as masks Soldering tips are the most important protection for your eyes, welding electrodes, soldering tongs and other protective equipment such as welding gloves and leather apron.

A wide choice of handling equipment

Electric hoists, hoist winches, lever hoists or chain hoists are therefore highly sought after workshop handling tools sold here at the best price!

A range of equipment designed for the garage

For DIY and motorcycle enthusiasts, a range of tire changer and tire changer hydraulic and mechanical brands of quality is presented with visiting trolleys and stool essential to work in a garage, not to mention the unavoidable maid drawers at the best price that will keep your dust tools and will allow you to store your hardware at your fingertips.

The storage of the workshop: A priority

Whether you are a professional, amateur or mechanical enthusiast, a workshop full of quality tools is obviously tidy! That's why we offer a range of joinery and cabinet work in wood but also metal workstations of high quality! Everything to store his tools and equipment in his garage easily and cheaply! Remember that delivery is free for all establishments sold at Probois Machinoutils.

At Probois Machinoutils, a range of specific accessories is sold at the best price: these are the displacement kits for machine tools. Indeed, these accessories will allow you to optimize the storage in your workshop. With these travel kits, you will store your equipment easily and efficiently, which will save you a lot of space.

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Distribution box Holzmann SSV16A
162.50 € Price
Distribution box Holzmann SSV32A
207.50 € Price
Cleaning fountain 20 liters Bernardo PW1
249.17 € Price
Cleaning fountain 60 litres Bernardo PW2
332.50 € Price
Welding mask Holzmann ADF730S Lithium with battery
107.50 € Price
Cutter Plasma inverter Holzmann DIPA 100
1,249.17 € Price
Cutter Plasma inverter Holzmann DIPA 40
499.17 € Price
Welding machine Inverter Holzmann EISA162
165.83 € Price
Welding machine Inverter Holzmann EISA200
290.83 € Price
Hoist winch electric Holzmann ESZ1000D
282.50 € Price
Hoist winch electric Holzmann ESZ500D
132.50 € Price
Cart Holzmann FW101 for welding machine
99.17 € Price
Electrical holder hoist Holzmann LK4ESZ
120.83 € Price
Welding machine MIG/MAG Holzmann MSA250
874.17 € Price
Welding machine AC/DC Holzmann PISA200ACDC
815.83 € Price
Portable belt sander polisher metal Holzmann SM100
165.83 € Price
Welding machine Holzmann Tisa160
232.50 € Price
Welding machine Holzmann Tisa200
365.83 € Price
Tool trolley Holzmann WW690L
249.17 € Price
Tool trolley equipped with 391 tools Holzmann WW790W
540.83 € Price
Toolbox Holzmann 86 pieces
165.83 € Price
Electrode welding universal RUTILE E 6013 2.0 x 300 mm - box of 4 kg
33.33 € Price
Electrode welding universal RUTILE E 6013 2.5 x 350 mm - box of 5 kg
16.66 € Price
Electrode welding universal RUTILE E 6013 3.2 x 350 mm - box of 5 kg
16.66 € Price
Electrode welding universal STAINLESS steel E 316-L 2.0 x 300 mm - box of 1 kg
33.33 € Price
Electrode welding universal STAINLESS steel E 316-L 2.5 x 300 mm - box of 1 kg
27.49 € Price
Electrode welding universal STAINLESS steel E 316-L 3.2 x 350 mm - box of 1 kg
24.99 € Price
Electric belt file 13mm - 260W
37.49 € Price
Welding Goggles
6.66 € Price
Welding Magnet
4.33 € Price
Welding Clamp Set 3pce
16.66 € Price
Welders Gauntlets
7.49 € Price
Welding Magnet
7.49 € Price
Digital Multimeter
7.49 € Price
Welders Apron
19.16 € Price
Welding Magnet Silverline 125 mm
6.66 € Price
Magnet welder Silverline 75 mm
2.49 € Price
Self-darkening solder mask
33.33 € Price
Welding Helmet
12.49 € Price
Cover glasses for solder mask (qty 10)
4.99 € Price
Welding Magnet Silverline 100 mm
4.16 € Price
Self-locking tape measure 3 metre
4.58 € Price
Welding Helmet Auto Darkening
24.99 € Price
Convertible visit trolley Zipper-ZI-MHRK40
49.99 € Price
Tire changer Zipper-ZI-RMM94H
1,915.83 € Price
Tire changer Zipper-ZI-RMM95
929.17 € Price
Tire balancer Zipper-ZI-RWM99
787.50 € Price
Tool trolley Scheppach TW1000
  • -€64.00
Tool trolley Scheppach TW1000
351.83 € Regular price €415.83 Price
Wooden workbench for children Holzmann WB106MINI
140.83 € Price
Wooden workbench Holzmann WB160L
329.17 € Price
Universal machine stand Bernardo KSU1560
183.33 € Price
Generator Scheppach SG7000 - 5500W
699.17 € Price
Power generator Scheppach SG3500
704.17 € Price
Sawhorse Holzmann AB1015
57.50 € Price