Belts for machines

A woodworking machine, a metal or garden machine is equipped with a belt, a very popular piece of wear.

Here you will find all the belts for your machine-tool, essential for its operation!

Whether you have a Kity or Scheppach woodworking machine, a Lurem woodworking machine, a Leman machine, a wood and metal machine from the Jean l'ébéniste or Holzprofi brand, or from Holzmann or Bernardo brand, you will find the belt of your model. of machine.

Power tools are also equipped with a belt. We offer belts for the brand GMC and Triton. Whether you have an electric planer, an orbital sander, belt sander, jigsaw, saber saw, etc ... your machine is saved!

Belts for machines - Probois Machinoutils

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