Band saws

The band saw is a table saw that allows the cutting of wood and its derivatives, the cutting of wooden trays and the fretwork.

The band saw: An indispensable machine

The amateur is entitled to think that the acquisition of a combined wood will be enough to execute all the carpentry work but he is mistaken ... The circular saw will show him deficiencies both by its reduced cutting height that the inability to make circular cuts. The band saw will quickly become an indispensable woodworking machine because it offers the possibility of fretwork and a large cutting height capacity! The range is very wide, the choice is very easy: for the DIY or the professional, everyone will find his band saw adapted to his work and his workshop! For each of the models, we offer the ribbon blades for fretwork or flow, different widths of blades that will give the user to easily operate curves or straight cuts.

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