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Mechanic tools

Your DIY work can be done indoors and outdoors, but in any case you will need to properly store your tools to save space and time.

All the tools for your garage, car or motorcycle are here

Tool mats and tool boxes are ideal when you need to take your tools somewhere, you can roll the maids and easily carry your crates, which is very convenient.

We offer other more technical products like tire changers, no need to go to the garage! Save time and money with this machine, you can even fit a device for motorcycle wheels.

You will also find small compressors and manometers perfect for the control of the pressure of your tires, the trolleys of visit in order to tinker under your car.

In short, all the equipment you need to repair your vehicles, objects of all kinds is offered here at the best price!

Mechanic tools - Probois Machinoutils

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Tool case Scheppach TB150 - 101 pieces Tool case Scheppach TB150 - 101 pieces
  • -€20.00

Tool case Scheppach TB150 - 101 pieces

139.00 € €159.00 -€20.00

Hang a frame? No problem. Tighten the screws of the bunk bed? No problem. A dripping faucet? No problem, when the case is close at hand, for example the TB150 from scheppach, a well-organized tool case for home needs, with a full assortment of basic chrome vanadium tools.

Distribution box Holzmann SSV32A

279.00 €

Currents are often very rare sites, thanks to this set of distribution you can get electricity from a 32 A connection and distribute it to other devices !

Scissor lift table Holzmann SHT150XF

429.00 €

Holzmann SHT150XF scissor lift table trolley is the essential handling tool in a workshop to transport and level your loads!

Plasma cutter Scheppach PLC40

209.00 €

Powerful and compact Scheppach PLC40 plasma cutter emitting a regular plasma beam and allowing to cut up to 12 mm thick.