Mechanic tools

Your DIY work can be done indoors and outdoors, but in any case you will need to properly store your tools to save space and time.

All the tools for your garage, car or motorcycle are here

Tool mats and tool boxes are ideal when you need to take your tools somewhere, you can roll the maids and easily carry your crates, which is very convenient.

We offer other more technical products like tire changers, no need to go to the garage! Save time and money with this machine, you can even fit a device for motorcycle wheels.

You will also find small compressors and manometers perfect for the control of the pressure of your tires, the trolleys of visit in order to tinker under your car.

In short, all the equipment you need to repair your vehicles, objects of all kinds is offered here at the best price!

Mechanic tools - Probois Machinoutils

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Tool trolley equipped with 391 tools Holzmann WW790W
540.83 € Price
Tool trolley Holzmann WW700Q
332.50 € Price
Tool trolley Holzmann WW690L
249.17 € Price
Toolbox Holzmann 86 pieces
165.83 € Price
Zipper-ZI-RMM95 tire changer
929.17 € Price
Zipper-ZI-RMM94H tire changer
1,915.83 € Price
Game to adapter bike for changers tire Zipper
182.50 € Price
Zipper-ZI-RWM99 wheel balancing machine
787.50 € Price
Compressor cordless inflator Zipper ZI-LPE18-AKKU
45.83 € Price
260W Power Belt File 13mm
33.33 € Price
Portable belt sander polisher metal Holzmann SM100
165.83 € Price
Digital Multimeter
7.49 € Price
Couchette d'atelier et siège mobile Zipper ZI-MHRK40
  • -€10.00
Workshop convertible bunk Zipper-ZI-MHRK40
39.99 € Regular price €49.99 Price
Mobile workshop Zipper-ZI-MHK2 stool
  • -€19.00
Mobile workshop Zipper-ZI-MHK2 stool
21.83 € Regular price €40.83 Price
Compressor Scheppach AIR CASE
99.99 € Price
Cleaning fountain 20 litres Bernardo PW1
249.17 € Price
Cleaning fountain 60 litres Bernardo PW2
332.50 € Price
Tape measure with Auto Lock 5 metre
4.58 € Price
7 in 1 multi tool Holzmann
  • -€30.00
7 in 1 multi tool Holzmann
119.17 € Regular price €149.17 Price
Distribution box Holzmann SSV16A
157.50 € Price
Distribution box Holzmann SSV32A
207.50 € Price
Sac à dos de technicien Silverline
13.33 € Price
Tool trolley Scheppach TW1000
  • -€100.00
Tool trolley Scheppach TW1000
399.17 € Regular price €499.17 Price
Universal machine stand Bernardo KSU1560
183.33 € Price